Habits That’ll Make You Successful Women In eCommerce

Habits That’ll Make You Successful Women In eCommerce

What does success mean to you? How does it look or feel?

Each person’s answer will probably look a little different. For some, it’s getting out of the 9-to-5 rut. Others might think of the freedom to make their own hours. Not always having to choose the least expensive menu item at a restaurant can be a sign of “making it” for some.

Habits That’ll Make You Successful Women In eCommerce

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The list could go on and on:

  • Not having to answer to anyone but yourself
  • Making your own business decisions
  • More lavish vacations
  • Additional time with the family

Yes, these are all great hallmarks of a successful person. In my experience, there’s no better path than to become your own boss. Running your own business gives you more control over your life.

However, some poor habits can keep us from reaching our greatest potential. I want to highlight some practices we should support and strengthen to live our best, successful boss babe lives.

Monitor Your Time

When making a financial budget, one of the first steps is to look at your spending for a few weeks. Knowing your current situation allows you to understand your spending better and look for ways to improve.

The same is true for budgeting your time. Where does your time go over the course of a few weeks? When you consciously track it, you’ll notice what tasks take longer to complete and where little, less meaningful jobs add up to big time-thieves. Once you identify your hold-ups, you can adjust your schedule.

Have a notebook and pencil ready to help you document what goes on in your day. Alternatively, start a spreadsheet or look into an app to help you with this process.

Schedule Smartly

Before bed, quickly write your schedule for the following day so that 1) you rest better with as few things as possible on your mind and 2) you wake up with all (or most) of your ducks in a row.

Part of scheduling smartly is knowing yourself and putting those things that take the most brain power in the chunks of your day when you do your best thinking. Consider whether you are a morning person, a night person, or somewhere in the middle.

Many of us think our best first thing in the morning before people and things start demanding attention. However you decide to divide your time, factor in your body’s natural rhythms. Complicated tasks belong in the parts of your day when you are most present and clear-headed.

One helpful tip I like to use for slaying my day is to get my big tasks done during my highest functioning time and then pepper in those smaller almost-done jobs here and there. Then, I go back and finish up that big task. My brain gets revved with this “I-can-see-the-finish-line” motivation to resume the big projects.

Make Dedicated Space to Ensure Productivity

A specific workspace for your technology (laptop, desk computer, printer, etc.) is essential. I get it, you can work anywhere, and your couch or bed would be so comfy.

Don’t go there! You’ll be more productive at your desk, separated from everything else. You need space to have your office stuff close to you.

Speaking of dedicated space, keep your work area as clutter-free as possible. You’ll work better and faster when you don’t have to comb through piles of papers to find what you need.

Schedule Breaks

Going nonstop when working from home is tempting, but don’t. Routine breaks are critical for keeping your creative juices flowing and preventing burnout. You can come up with any ratio of work-to-break time that helps you remain efficient and ensures that you’re consistent. For example, work for an hour with a 10-minute break.

Completely cut yourself off from work during these breaks. Take some deep, purposeful breaths. Stretch. Drink water. Step outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Chat with a friend, family member, or your online entrepreneur sisterhood. Literally, stop and smell those roses. Remember, this is a time of deliberate refreshing. You’ll be better prepared to tackle tasks when your brain has had a little R&R.

If you have a hard time letting go of work, look into time management tech. Online to-do lists, social media blockers, and time-tracking apps can keep you on track.

Prioritize Your Health

The most expensive software, machine, and office space in your world is YOU, so take care of yourself. Your to-do list might have you wanting to pull all-nighters but get your sleep. Poor sleep leads to stress eating at night and during the day as you munch to fight fatigue.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods (lean proteins and veggies), and move your body. Remember to nourish your soul as well. Time with family, friends, a good book, or nature can renew your spirit.


I once thought the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” was cringy. But, gals, it’s so true. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and stay constantly business-minded when we start our own businesses. Make time to socialize. It’s what networking is all about.

Networking in-person or virtually helps you meet new people who can spark good ideas or further your business. You can practice communication skills, partner with mentors, and find advocates. It’s women empowering women.

Most importantly, networking keeps you grounded. Even when you meet people who have nothing to offer your business at the moment, making friends is good for your physical and mental well-being.

Habits for Success

There you have it, ladies—my list of must-dos for success. Being in charge of your time is so powerful. Do whatever you can to make every moment count. When you strengthen good habits, you open up more space in your life to receive those “success hallmarks” we listed at the beginning.


Unlock the path to success in eCommerce for women with this infographic. Delve into empowering habits, like time monitoring and smart scheduling, creating focus-inducing workspaces, and prioritizing health. Discover the impact of networking for personal and professional growth. By embracing these habits, women in eCommerce can overcome obstacles, achieve balance, and pave the way for success.

7 Successful Habits of Women In eCommerce Infographic


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