Connective eCommerce

Connective eCommerce

The Old Way Of Selling

The old way of selling online is full of risk, guessing and hoping.

It looks something like this....

Think of a great idea for an online boutique, hire a developer to build your website, go back forth 10x to complete the website, find suppliers for your products, buy inventory, turn your garage into a fulfillment center, advertise your store, hope something happens... give up.

Connective eCommerce

In the old way of selling there are 3 places where time and money is wasted

1) Hiring a web developer to create your website

2) Storing inventory and doing fulfillment yourself

3) Paying for advertisements off the jump and burning cash

Connective eCommerce is a method of selling online that removes these 3 areas of risk.

Instead of hiring a web developer we use softwares, guidelines and templates to create a highly converting eCommerce store without needing any tech experience.

Instead of storing inventory and turning your garage into a fulfillment center, we have methods to source quality suppliers who are willing to ship your products on your behalf while you keep all the profits.

Instead of paying for advertisements, crossing your fingers and hoping sales come in, we use free methods to drive traffic to your store. You can test all you want without constantly throwing money into advertisements. 

With Connective eCommerce you can quickly and effectively start and grow your online boutique while minimizing risk. You can test different products on the fly, try different messages, and test out different offers without having to pay to play. 

Are you saying don't run ads?


We think ads are amazing, they really help put fuel onto the fire, but guess what? 

Putting fuel on a fire that doesn't exist - does nothing.

The goal of Connective eCommerce is to get your store proven as fast as possible. We want you to hone down your message, your products, and tweak your store so that it is fully optimized and ringing in sales.

At this point, after you've made money through the non-paid traffic strategies, you can reinvest your money back into your business with paid ads. Plus by now your store is more polished, your products are better geared to your market, and your message is more compelling.

The Connective eCommerce approach gives your business more steady growth and gives you a more systematic and guaranteed path to success. 

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