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A Million Dollar Valuation In 8 Months

By Team eCom Babes
October 21, 2020 - 10 minute read

"eCom Babes has been the best investment I have ever made" - Liv

Liv is a newer member to the eCom Babes community who has really shown the speed and scale of eCommerce.

Most women who look into eCommerce believe that scaling to large numbers takes years or even decades but this is not true. Liv shows that once you dial in your niche, offer and market, the sky is truly the limit.

Liv joined eCom Babes at the beginning of 2020 and when I say beginning I mean Jan 1st 2020.

Here’s her first welcome post in the group :)

At the time Liv was 23 years old and just got her first "big girl" job but wasn't exactly sold on the idea of the traditional path.

She thought she had more potential in her than working for someone else and wanted to build something of her own. 

She loved Cortney's story and the community aspect of eCom Babes and decided to join the mentorship program.

Immediately after joining, Liv was super engaged and active in the community.

And it's no surprise because the thing about Liv is that she is an overwhelmingly positive person and loves to see others succeed. This is super evident by the type of comments she leaves within the community. Whenever someone rings the bell which is our way or celebrating the first sale, Liv responds to congratulate them. There’s no other motivation for her, she is purely happy for the person.

Here’s a laundry list of her responding and congratulating, and trust me there’s plenty more.

When you put out this much positivity you receive positivity.

Just check out the engagement of her recent interview with Cortney about her success.

87 comments returning the favor and congratulating her for her success. It’s amazing to see. 

This is the first key take away from Liv’s success story.

If you’re positive you attract positive, if you’re negative you attract negative.

But aside from her positivity, Liv’s other superpower is that she is a student of the game. She does her homework, doesn’t skip corners, follows directions, and implements what she’s learned.

This is is a snapshot of her eCom Babes student profile.

She officially joined eCom Babes on December 30 of 2019, the last time she logged on was 3 days ago and she’s logged on 40 different times.

40 times.

That means for the last 10 months she's logged in 4 times a month or literally every single week for 10 months straight.

She isn’t treating this like just another course online (because it isn’t), she’s treating this like college, or sports or whatever you actually applied your best self in.

This type of studying combined with optimism for the future is a winning combination.

Within a month of joining eCom Babes she built her store and got her first sale in February.

3 months later after following the blueprint laid out in eCom Babes, she scaled her store from her first sale in February to making $8,000 midway through May and closing out at $24,000 in sales.

Let that sink in...

Within 5 months, she went from not knowing a single thing about eCommerce to creating a store bringing in over $24,000 in revenue per month.

Where else can you get this type of result?

Not in the stock market... not in real estate... not from college... no where else.

eCommerce is a special opportunity that allows you to play a BIG business game while risking so little in terms of overhead and initial costs. It's an extremely lucrative opportunity if you have the right guidance and mentality to make it work.

And of course Liv does... In the next month she was able to scale her store even further, doubling her sales from May to $46,000 in monthly sales.

She hit her biggest single day that month of $2,000 in a single DAY! 

A little secret about Liv’s story is that she dropships all of her products. GASP. I know.

But isn't dropshipping bad? Isn't dropshipping dead? I thought you couldn't dropship anymore...

Most women who look into ecommerce think dropshipping cannot work.

And there’s a reason for that.

Most people who dropship and most people who teach dropshipping do it all wrong. They try to squeeze every cent of profit in place of quality of suppliers, shipping times and customer satisfaction.


In the eCom Babes Course, Cortney lays out the proper methods of sourcing suppliers and dropshipping without running into the nightmare scenarios that are so common amongst beginners.

And speaking of nightmare scenarios, the “nightmare scenarios” in dropshipping pale in comparison to the countless tales of beginners taking in inventory, private labeling, paying developers to build their sites and losing a TON of money (that a lot of times they couldn't afford) before even making a single sale.


This is another core component of Cortney’s “Connective eCommerce” philosophy.

When you are a beginner and don’t have experience, you must minimize risk at all times. That means you HAVE to dropship at first to prove your market, to test out your product and make some money, then transition into more advanced forms of eCommerce like dropshipping locally, private labeling, taking in inventory, using third party logistics and so forth.

Although Liv is now dropshipping from a US supplier she is still dropshipping and as you can see dropshipping still works.

As a matter of fact, it’s worked so well for Liv that her supplier recently offered to buy a portion of her company and valued her business at over $1M USD.



She is currently "on paper" a frigging MILLIONAIRE at 23 years old.

There really isn't another opportunity like eCommerce that allows for such fast and massive growth. It's truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and the strategies laid out in the eCom Babes course are just that powerful.

So let's recap Liv's timeline with eCom Babes

Joined eCom Babes in January 2020

Launched her store in Febraury 2020

First sales in February 2020 

$24,000 in sales in May 2020

$46,000 in sales in June 2020

$90,000 in sales in July 2020

Business valued at $1M USD in Aug 2020

In 8 months she went from graduating college and starting her first "big girl" job to creating an eCommerce brand that has a true market valuation of 1M USD bringing in 6 figures a month in revenues.

At the time of writing she is planning to quit her 9-5 job and go full time on her eCommerce store. She loves the flexibility it offers, she loves that she is building something of  her own, she loves that she is her own boss and most importantly she is truly enjoying the life that she has created for herself. 

If you’re still interested in more about her story, Cortney had the pleasure of interviewing her about her journey, her struggles and ultimately her success.

Click here to check out her exclusive bonus eCom Babes interview.

I hope that Liv's story shows all the women out there that you have SO much more potential in you and that if you put your focus into your passion the results may come MUCH faster than you could have ever expected.

If you’re interested in learning more about eCom Babes and how to join the same exclusive 6 week course as Liv -- you can schedule a call here to talk to an eCom Babe team member.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you craft your dream life!

Until next time.

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