February News

Another Month.... Another New Success Story!

Cortney Fletcher | Author
March 11, 2022

I get so excited about these each month so I wanted to share just a couple screen shots from February from our eCom Babes Private Coaching Group....

Emily and her boyfriend Isaac came into this program really having a strong desire for freedom - both physically and financially. They were brand new to eCommerce and their first goal was hitting $5K a month in sales. Within their first month of being open, they beat their goal! Her goal for the month of March is $10K, and we KNOW they will get there!

Results like this just go to show if you are driven, motivated, and execute what you learn the sky is the limit!

Do you want results like these BRAND NEW students? Get back to us at eCom Babes and I’ll see you on the inside soon...


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