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How This 23 Year Old Intern “Accidentally” Made $93,311.26 In a Single Month Through Her Online Boutique

Morgan Warfield | Author
March 3, 2020 - 10 minute read

Just one year ago, Katherine had a very similar life to most people. She kept herself busy, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life. She was a 5th year college student, worked a part-time internship, and commuted two hours every day.

She figured that, like most people, she would probably end up working a regular 9-5 in a cubicle for most of her life.

But after hearing how ordinary people were making millions in the “eCommerce Boom,” she decided to take a jump at living a life of freedom. Everyone was talking about how easy it was to “make money online,” so she figured she could do it too.

She started an online apparel business, but after over four months of hard work -- her store was a complete failure.

Sales were inconsistent and she began to feel like she was in over her head.

"I felt like I was doing all the right things, but there was just so much information I didn't know. I was only at the surface level of things."

What’s worse, she was about to prove that all of her skeptical friends and family members were 100% right in doubting her. She was just about to give up on her dreams and face their “I told you so’s” when something strange happened.

How Everything Changed...

One day, Katherine was clicking around online when she stumbled across a weird free video from a woman named Cortney Fletcher. The video was making its way around the internet and showing women how to start an online boutique in just 3 easy steps.

Katherine knew she needed help (plus, it was free case study) so she decided to watch the entire thing.

After just a few minutes, she was hooked. It felt like Cortney was speaking directly to her, and she wasn’t just another “talking-head” guru like everyone else she saw online. She was a real person, with an authentic story of personal growth.

Cortney had gone from being depressed and selling used mattresses on Craigslist to starting a wildly successful online boutique. Now she was showing other women how to do the same thing in her free video.

What’s even better is that Cortney had discovered a little-known “eCom loophole” that allowed women to start their store without having to spend a dime on ads or inventory, which meant that they could get started without taking on any risk.

Katherine was skeptical at first, but she didn’t have anything to lose so she decided to put Cortney’s methods to the test.

The Results?

After watching Cortney’s video, Katherine started to make a little momentum in her store. It started off slow, but within her first month she had made $179 dollars in sales.

It wasn’t anything life-changing, but Katherine had her first taste for how powerful Cortney’s methods were. She no longer cared that other people “pitied” her or thought she was silly for “investing herself.”

The strategies were real, and as Katherine continued to follow them she started to see more success. Just a few months later, she started making nearly $3000 a month in online sales. 

And because she used Cortney’s “eCom loophole,” she was able to reach this goal without spending any money on ads.

After posting this update in March, Katherine’s store really started to take off. She kept following Cortney’s methods to scale her business and by June of 2020 (just one year after watching this video), Katherine was able to make almost $100,000 in a single month.

"It didn't feel real. That was more than I made in an entire year. I'd been waiting for that moment so long, so when all of my hard work paid off it was the most amazing feeling. But in that moment I felt like I could do anything. I felt good. I felt invincible. I had no worries.

And when you know you can do it once, you know you can do it again."

Soon, other women started discovering this same insider video that broke down the simple 3-step process of starting an online boutique without spending any money on ads or inventory. Many of them started seeing similar results.

Like Liv Gruber who made over $66,000 in a single month after watching the video.

Or Khrista, a stay-at-home Montana mom who started making over $8000 a month.

You Can Do This Too

All of these women credit their success to simply watching Cortney’s video on the “eCom loophole” that allows anyone to start making money with their online boutique.

“These are women from all walks of life,” says Cortney.

“Mothers, wives, college students -- all of them are using this information to get control of their lives and I’m so excited to see it. Most of them probably never thought they could run a business. Most of them didn’t think they had the time. Most of them seriously doubted themselves. But after watching the video, they realize that they can do it too.”

A note from the Author: We heard Cortney's video is scheduled to be taken down soon - so watch it here while you can. 

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