What makes us different?

What makes eCom Babes so different?

Cortney Fletcher | Author
November 27th, 2021

One question I consistently get asked is this.

"Cortney, why is it that your students get such great results?"

Hands down, every single time my response is the same.  


It's not enough to put a plan in place for someone to follow because the reality is this.  

Every business is different.  And every business owner learns differently.  

You have to have unwavering, consistent, high level support to get high level results.

Or chances are - you will fail.

Building a business is not a one size fits all.  I always use the analogy of building a house.  If you wanted to build a house, would you watch a couple youtube videos and buy a tool belt and get going? I mean... you could.  Eventually, you MAY get the job done.

But if you have the tools and supplies laid out, the blueprint created, and the tradespeople lined up who are specialized and knowledgeable about each specific area... heck we both know you will get there a lot quicker.

That is the main reason why my student's see the level of success they do.  They have somewhere to go when they need the support.

Do you want results like Katie? Get back to one of my client advisors at eCom Babes (the person who sent you this) and I’ll see you on the inside soon...


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